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Kickoff Event for "Shoals Walk Across Alabama" on Feb. 7th

In conjunction with the Healthy Heart Project of Shoals Community Clinic, and in honor of February as Healthy Heart Month... we are launching SHOALS WALK ACROSS ALABAMA. The kick-off for the event will be on Tuesday, February 7th from 6-7pm. This registration event, complete with a FREE Zumba Dance Class and a Cool-Down Walk, will be at Highland Baptist Church Christian Life Center, 219 Simpson St., Florence, AL 35630 Shoals Community Clinic will be sponsoring group walks with members of the Health & Physical Education Department at University of North Alabama (UNA), who will be on hand for tips and information on leading a physically active lifestyle. There will be weekly walks on Thursdays from 6-7pm at the Highland Baptist Christian Life Center's indoor track. People can register for the Shoals Walk Across Alabama at any of these weekly walks. Shoals Walk Across Alabama aims to encourage people to lead a more active lifestyle, and participation can be in conjunction with the Scale Back Alabama program that began the second week in January. (People don't have to be enrolled in Scale Back Alabama to participate.) We are looking for at least 20 participants who will commit to walking at least 1 mile a week for about 10 weeks. We will have a wrap-up event at the UNA Culinary Center in their new, downtown Florence space in April (exact date TBA). At the wrap-up event there will be a group walk from UNA Commons to the Culinary Center with a special Nutrition Program and prizes for participants. Please let us know if you have any questions. Plan now to join us for the registration and kickoff event on February 7th!

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