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​Working, but not insured?

Where can you turn for help?

Turn to us.


For many Shoals area residents, regular health care is considered a luxury – not a necessity. Alabama’s low income and uninsured often have nowhere to go to receive health care except the hospital emergency rooms. A lack of financial resources limits or prevents these community members from using a primary healthcare provider.


Established in 1997, the Shoals Community Clinic strives to provide primary health care for individuals who may otherwise go without medical services due to their lack of health care benefits. Our goal is to offer quality, affordable services to the general working public who are living near or below the poverty level.

Our Mission


The Shoals Community Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides primary health and dental care to people of the Shoals Area who do not have health benefits. Our goal is to provide quality, safe, and affordable care to members of our community.


We know you need and deserve compassionate health care!


Meeting a Community Need...

Shoals Community Clinic serves the Northwest Alabama region, as well as parts of Mississippi and Tennessee.

Our Values


Access. All people deserve access to quality health care.


Respect. Each one of us – whether receiving or providing care – has dignity and is treated with respect. 


Accountability. We are stewards of the community’s trust, dollars and services. The services we provide have value. 


Sustainability. A healthy community is a strong community. The services we provide not only address the health needs of our neighbors but enrich the lives of those providing care and support 

Multiple activities and programs are offered throughout the year to educate and promote wellness and healthy lifestyles.


The Well Woman Project provides monthly well woman exams.


The Catherine Barnes Women’s Health Fair provides free women’s health each April.


The Annual Community Health Fair provides free screenings and vaccines to the public each November.


The Community Garden is available for area residents to grow their own vegetables.


There are many other programs offered throughout the year.

Health Clinic services are provided in an outpatient setting under the supervision of a medical director and certified registered nurse practitioners. Through the nurse practitioner-managed clinic, patients readily have access to primary medical care, diagnostic lab work and 

assistance with needed medications.


To be eligible for services: 


  • Persons must be 18-64 years of age; 

  • Employed, actively seeking employment (as verified from the employment office), or enrolled in school; and 

  • Without a regular healthcare provider and without healthcare benefits. 

The Dental Clinic strives to provide services one day per week under the 

direction of a dentist and dental hygienist. A core group of local 

dentists from within the community volunteer their time and services at the 

weekly clinic.


The main objective for the Dental Clinic is to alleviate pain and provide self-sufficiency to our patients through tooth 



Services for the Dental Clinic are available to anyone in need regardless of employment status. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Our Commitment to Community

The vision of the Shoals Community Clinic is a community where all people have access to quality healthcare. We are passionate about providing a place of healing through dedication and service. We offer equal opportunities to everyone regardless of race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual
orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or any other identity.

Community means everyone feels secure and at home. Individuals are free to be who they are. The clinic provides a nurturing environment where you can be fearless because your ideas will be valued. When we regard others as we wish to be treated, we build together a great community.

Our Core Values:

Diversity: Accept that all individuals represent unique identities, characteristics, experiences, and perspectives.

Equity: Give everyone what he or she needs to succeed, including the underrepresented and those who have been historically disadvantaged.

Inclusion: Be a welcoming culture, where differences are celebrated, and everyone is valued, respected and able to reach their full potential.

Learn more about the HISTORY of Shoals Community Clinic by visiting our HISTORY PAGE.



The Shoals Community Clinic is located in the Handy Home public housing complex in West Florence at the corner of Perry St. and Lincoln St.


GPS locater is 399 Perry St. The second entrance to the clinic parking lot is off 326 Wallace St. across from the St. James M.B. Church.


For additional written driving directions, see our FAQ page.


For a downloadable/printable map, see our Contact Us page.



Each one of us has the opportunity to make our community healthier and stronger.


The Shoals Community Clinic exists to ensure access to necessary health care services for low-income, uninsured community members.  Your donation to the Shoals Community Clinic makes a difference. It helps keep the lights on, buys needed medications, assures necessary lab tests, purchases medical and office supplies – it keeps the doors open. Please join us as a clinic partner.


Shoals Community Clinic (formerly Northwest Alabama Community Health Association, Inc.  –  NACHA) is a 501 ( c) 3 non-profit organization, Tax ID number 63-1187626.


Donations can be made directly to the clinic or online.


Our address is:

Shoals Community Clinic

309-B WC Handy Place

Florence, AL 35630

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