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Our Team

Meet our caring professionals who make your health their priority...


Bonita McCay

Executive Director


Bonita holds a MFA from Columbia University in New York, and a BA from the University of North Alabama. She has been an Adjunct at UNA’s Department of Communications, and she worked for over 30 years in nonprofit management.

René Scott-Acklin, CP

Clinic Manager


​​René holds a BS degree in Public Health Care from Athens State University. She is also a Certified Phlebotomist and has worked at the clinic for almost 25 years.

Nurse Practitioners

Lynn Aquadro

Ex-Officio Nurse Practitioner

​​Lynn holds a PhD in Health Care Administration and has her Post Masters Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She also has a Baccalaureate Degree from UNA with Summa Cum Laude, and an Associate Degree in Nursing from Memphis State University. She recently retired from UNA Anderson College of Nursing & Health Professions, and has practiced as a Nurse Practitioner at the clinic for 25 years.

Lynn has been with Shoals Community Clinic since it first began, and has recently retired from UNA.

Helen Coronel

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

Helen received her DNP from Vanderbilt where she also received her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She received her BSN from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas. Much of her experience is working with active duty military and veterans, particularly in neurology. She is an Associate Professor of Nursing at UNA Anderson College of Nursing & Health Professions in Undergraduate Programs.

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 3.20.02 PM.png
Amanda Hitt

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

Amanda is a lecturer and clinical supervisor at UNA Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions. Her experience as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner has been in trauma care, and she traveled with patients to treatment destinations as well.

Patricia (Patty) Wilson

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner


Patty has a MS in Nursing from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and a BSN in Nursing from University of Tennessee. She was on the faculty of UNA Anderson College of Nursing & Health Professions for over 30 years. She received the Academic Affairs Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2009. She has been a Nurse Practitioner at the clinic for 25 years.

Patty has been with Shoals Community Clinic since it first began.

Paige Martin

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

Paige is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years experience in primary, family, and urgent care. She is also Assistant Professor at UNA’s Anderson College of Nursing & Health Professions where she instructs undergraduate nursing students. 

Kaley McLeary

Dental Associate

Kaley's role as a dental assistant is to make sure patients are calm and comfortable, and to assist the doctors during dental procedures. She loves helping patients stay informed about the importance of a healthy mouth and helping them maintain a beautiful smile. She has attended the Alabama Dental Hygiene Program at UAB.


Shoals Community Clinic has an active Board of Directors from across our community who serve to help lead and guide decisions regarding the clinic. The Board typically meets once per month, and Board selections are held annually each November.


If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors, EMAIL US

Board Officers:

Past President:  Chip Wicker
President:  Jeremy Stafford
President Elect:  Cam Jones

Vice President:  Apriell Burgess
Treasurer:  Laura Williams
Secretary:  Bonita McCay (ED Standing Position, Non-Voting)
Finance Director:  Peter Williams (Appointed, Non-Voting)
Chandra Bondugula (NAMC Partner)
Joy Borah
Apriell Burgess
Hester Cope
Tom Gillis
Gil Griggs
Cleopatra Hernandez
Cam Jones
Vicky Keys
Thomas Lovett
Jacqueline Osborne
Jennifer Palmer
Quinn Pearson
Vicki Pierce (UNA Partner)
Rhonda Richardson (FHA Partner)
Jeremy Stafford
Lloyd Underwood
Chip Wicker
Laura Williams
Peter Williams (Non-Voting)


Dr. Timothy Ashley

Medical Director – VOLUNTEER


Dr. Ashley is a General Practitioner in family medicine and heads the Family Practice Associates in Florence.

Dr. Gil Griggs

Dental Director – VOLUNTEER


Dr. Griggs is a retired orthodontist who practiced in Florence for over 30 years. He founded the Dental Clinic program along with volunteers from the Tri-County Dental Association.

Volunteer Dentists:
Curtis Ambercrombie
Daniel Almon
Nicholas Conley
Robert B. Embry

Mike McLeary
Lester R. Norvell
Nicholas A. Pieroni

Shoals Community Clinic is especially grateful to have a wonderful group of volunteers who assist with our programs and projects. Their service to you and our community on behalf of the clinic is much appreciated.


If you would like to become a

Shoals Community Clinic Volunteer,


Volunteer Nursing Students:
Over 100 @ over 500 Hrs


FRIENDS OF THE CLINIC – Our Ambassadors at Large:


Lynn Aquadro

Dr. Hisham Ba’albaki

Angela Bailey

Birdie Bailey

Beth Borosky

Terry Buchanan

Chris Coates

Parke Cochran

Hester Cope

Tim Corley

Charlotte Cramer

Becky Daugherty

Jenny Dawson

Casey Eggleston

Kelli Gaputis

Laura Garrett

Barbara Griffith

Patti Joiner

Dr. Theresa Lango

Craig Linhoss

Andy Mann

Richard Pflueger

Missy Ridgeway

Dr. Donald Roush

Diane Rowell

Rena Roy

Michelle Scott

Jack Sellers

Monty Shelton

Sue Smith

William Smith

Elaine Softley

Greg Taylor

Elizabeth Webb

Sylvester White

Patty Wilson




Dental Society

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