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Pandemic Fatigue is Real, but You CAN Stay Positive

We all want to return to a sense of normality, but every day we are confronted with the fears of living during a pandemic. Here are some tips to help your mental and physical wellbeing during the pandemic.

1. Don’t ignore your general health. Keep regular appointments with doctors and dentists, but follow the precautionary steps their offices have laid out for your safety.

2. Take a walk in nature and enjoy the season’s colors. It is proven that walking in nature has restorative benefits, and it is recommended that we all get about 30 minutes of activity a day.

3. On bad weather days, look for exercise programs on TV or the computer. There are many free videos online that offer varieties of exercise at your own choosing. Try something new like Tai Chi or Qigong and stretch your capabilities.

4. You are not alone. Stay engaged with others. You can maintain social distancing and still have a social life. Face-time with your family members and friends. Look for online events or create one yourself like a watch party for a movie night or a book discussion group. During the holidays there are local drive-through events. Look for these on community pages or online searches.

5. Practice relaxation techniques like mindfulness or breathing meditation to stay positive. Mentally let go of your worries about things that are beyond your control, and practice gratitude or enjoy the simple things like watching the sunrise. When you wear a face mask, mentally congratulate yourself for helping others be safe and healthy. Although we are social distancing, you can always give yourself a hug.


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