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2021 No-Show Picnic

For the past 16 years, Shoals Community Clinic has been inviting our community to NOT attend our No-Show Picnic

2020 wasn’t the easiest year for anyone. But we’ve all been doing our best to make “lemonAID” from the “lemons” we were handed.

Shoals Community Clinic continued to ensure that people still received their medicines, lab tests, and care for colds, allergies, or other needs, during a time when many are more pressed than ever to afford those needs. At Shoals Community Clinic, “community” is literally our middle name. We are here, operating and serving patients, providing healthcare for the under-served and those who recently lost their jobs and health insurance.

Please, consider participating in our "No-Show Picnic" by making a donation to Shoals Community Clinic today.



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