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Walking Challenge for a Healthy Heart

Walking is very beneficial to heart health, but for many it may be difficult to start a walking program or stay with a regular schedule. To encourage both patients and the community at large to lead a more active lifestyle, the Shoals Community Clinic is offering the Walk Across Alabama walking challenge to help people set reachable goals for activity and good health. The kick-off for the 2019 Shoals Walk Across Alabama challenge will be Tuesday, February 26th from 4:00-6:00 PM at the Highland Baptist Church Christian Life Center in North Florence. A free Yoga class will kick off the event followed by a group walk. Registration materials and refreshments will be on hand for participants. The goal for each participant is to walk at least a mile a week during the 10-week challenge.

The Yoga class will be presented by Joanna Morrow who has been teaching for over 8 years. She has been featured on Hawaiian Public Television, and has taught classes locally for several years. Her method is accessible for beginners, seniors and those who are physically challenged. Her style is gentle and supportive to all levels of learning.

This walking program is part of the clinic’s Healthy Heart Project and will continue through May. Participants will be invited to free Nature Walks and Gardening sessions throughout the period of the challenge that will offer various ways to enjoy being active. The aim of the program is to help participants set reachable goals and to encourage increasing an active lifestyle that eventually reaches 250 minutes of vigorous activity a week. Each participant is encouraged to begin with a goal of walking one mile a week, and collectively we hope that our participants reach 250 miles by the end of the challenge, or roughly the distance across the state.

Weekly group walks led by health experts will be at the Christian Life Center on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM, and participants can register any time during the challenge at these group walks. Various walks, programs and prizes will be offered to participants throughout the challenge. These walks are free to the public and appropriate for all ages. For more information contact the clinic at 256- 760-4713.

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