Shoals Community Clinic is a Weigh-In Site for SCALE BACK ALABAMA


Weigh-Ins begin Jan 25th-31st for "Scale Back Alabama," a free, state-wide weight-loss challenge.


Shoals Community Clinic will be participating for the first time this year as a Weigh In site for the challenge. This is a 10-week program where teams of 2 members will set goals to eat less, move more, and lose at least one pound a week. Those successful in meeting this goal are eligible for cash prizes.


Individuals losing at least 10 lbs. are entered into a drawing for 40 prizes of $100 each.


Teams where both members lose at least 10 lbs. are entered into a drawing for:

-3 prizes of $1,000 each

-3 prizes of $500 each

-3 prizes of $250 each


See below, or give us a call, for additional details about the program.


If you wish to enter, register online at with your partner. Weigh-Ins begin next week, Jan 25-31, and Weigh-Outs are April 11-17. Bring a copy of your registration to the Shoals Community Clinic for your weighing.